Farmer, Worker, Solar Developer, Business Owner

Ralph is a moderate DFL candidate for MN Senate District 21.

(Goodhue, Wabasha, and some of Winona and Dodge Counties)

“Like most of you, my family, job and business depend on Minnesota being prosperous.”

“My family and I live the opportunities and struggles of living in rural MN every day.”

Ralph is a moderate DFLer who has experience working with Democrats, Republicans and independents to craft win-win solutions.

Ralph Kaehler is a lifelong, job-creating Minnesotan. He built his career, developed his businesses and invested in his family’s future in Minnesota and SD21.

One foot firmly in Minnesota’s history, one foot firmly in Minnesota’s future.

As a working citizen-farmer, Ralph will focus on Minnesota's future.


As a small town/rural resident, Ralph will ensure that our MN Out-State voices are heard in Saint Paul.

Bailee, (Phenix), Cliff, Mena, Ralph, Shelby, (Creed), Seth

Kaehler For MN Senate, P.O. Box 305,

Saint Charles, MN 55972

Mena: 507-261-8499

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