Meet Ralph : 

–Ralph is the fourth generation to

  operate the 138-year family farm in 

  St. Charles.

–He and Filomena have been

  married for 33 years.

–Son Seth manages the farm with

  his wife and the help of

  their 1-year-old, “Gen 6”.

–Son Cliff is the CEO of the family’s

  solar development business.

–Novel Energy Solutions, LLC, is

  one of the fastest-growing solar

  companies in Minnesota.

–Ralph has lived being in a start-up company and the responsibility of making payroll.

–Novel Energy Solutions has created more than 100 new jobs and installed over 100 MegaWatts of

   solar projects - enough electricity to power over 14,000 homes (or the equivalent of

   planting 31 million trees) – resulting in more than $500 million in economic activity in Minnesota.

–Additionally, Ralph and Mena are transitioning the family farm to their son Seth and his family.

Going through multi-generation business transition and helping grow a start-up company is unique, necessary experience to bring to Saint Paul.

4th Generation MN Family Farmer

–Ralph expects to work as you do on the farm – “get the job done.”  

–This means working with everyone – Republicans, Democrats, and independents –

   finding common ground, get good information and make measurable, effective change.

 He wants to ensure the Minnesota

he grew up in

will be there for his

Grandkids - 6th Generation Farmers, and  for all


 Ralph understands the economic drivers of Agriculture.

Trade Leader

Ralph is a leader in promoting trade as a mechanism to peace and prosperity, both domestically and abroad.

  • He helped open trade with Cuba in 2002 for human and animal food.

  • He promoted Minnesota, serving as an international trade representative on trade missions led by Governor Jesse Ventura and Governor Tim Pawlenty.

  • More recently, he testified, at the request of Democratic U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar before the U.S. Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee addressing the importance of expanding agriculture exports to Cuba.

  • Ralph has advised on improving farm trade and rural life in former Soviet states and in Southeast Asia.

  • Ralph and his wife Mena are members of the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program (MARL); where he recently led the class to Cambodia in Feb 2020

Ralph does just not talk trade or tariffs;

he brings home signed contracts for MN farmers and businesses.

To learn more about Ralph and his family’s efforts, Click on the links below:

Or, you can search keywords: “Kaehler Cuba”, “Kaehler Solar”, “Kaehler Agriculture”, “Kaehler MARL”.

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